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Para is a design studio that creates lighting & objects from a sustainable point of view, considering the planet and its resources. We experiment and play with ideas of the present and the future through digital narratives. Occupying the liminal space between physical and digital, we seek to combine technological advances with sensual qualities to create visual forms at the intersection of design and art, old and new, light and shadow. 

Our mission at Project Para is to create artful and sustainable designs that celebrate beauty and simplicity. We believe that good design should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally sustainable. Our vision is to encompass both a poetic and thoughtful rendition that fuses minimalist, timeless design with sustainability.

Alina Moise - Founder & Creative Partner (b.1994) is a licensed architect, 3D artist and an award-winning product designer within Romanian Design Week and National Architecture Annual, passionate about painting, plants, and photography. Iustin Băisan - Founder & Strategic Partner (b.1995)  is a school teacher, willing to bring art experience and beauty into peoples'  life. Miso (b.2019)  is our mischief photo assistant. 



Working with digital tools allows us to make our processes more effective. We are provided with a sustainable workflow by rendering realities and being able to test and modify things on a detailed level before taking physical form. The advantage of projects living digitally is that they can forever be modified, adjusted, and renewed. By using technologies such as 3D printing, we avoid having to create more objects than needed so our objects do not physically exist until you choose to own one so each reflects your participation in its creation. The design is optimized to avoid post-processing and build additional supports to reduce unnecessary waste and pollution.

By using 3D printing technology, we can localize our production, minimize material waste, and reduce energy consumption. Our material choice is EU-sourced filaments from recycled plastic - which are made of recycled drinking bottles and bioderived materials originally produced from corn starch but recycled again from food packaging. We rescued plastic waste to produce useful objects bringing new life to what would otherwise be a non-biodegradable material waste. 




May 2024 - Hot Lagoon Fair -  as part of Romanian Design Week, Design GO

May 2024 - Oblong Preview - Collaborative exhibition and talk at Is this art? Gallery - as part of Romanian Design Week, Design GO

April 2024 - Berlin Design Week - invited to exhibit a selection of Para's objects and be speakers at Berlin Design Week's "NEXT – Young European Design" exhibition at Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin

September 2023 - March 2024 - Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs - exchange program in Copenhagen

May 2022 - PARAdise Exhibition - at Artichoke Social House, as part of Romanian Design Week, Design GO

May 2022 - RDW Concept Store - at Combinatul Fondului Plastic as part of Romanian Design Week




Igloo Magazine Interview – featured in the Sustainable Design Section of Igloo, highlighting the sustainable concept of Project Para;

Radio România Cultural - "Români în lume" live interview




Super Cph bookstore in Copenhagen

Our studio in Bucharest near Cișmigiu Park

Ototo Store Victoriei and Mendeleev in Bucharest

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